The OHC&AT Family

Orchard Hill College (the College) and Orchard Hill College Academy Trust (the Trust) together form Orchard Hill College and Academy Trust (OHC&AT), a family of specialist education providers for pupils and students from nursery to further education across London, Surrey and Sussex.

Pupils and students within the OHC&AT family have a wide range of learning abilities and additional needs including complex autism; speech, language and communication difficulties; social, emotional and mental health; and physical disabilities including multi-sensory impairment and complex health needs.

Orchard Hill College was established in 1983 and has grown from a small hospital provision into an Outstanding College that operates from seven college centres across London and provides post-16 education for students with mild, moderate, severe and profound learning need. In 2013, the College established the Trust to share its expertise and provide services and support to specialist schools. The Trust is now home to 13 special schools across London, Surrey and Sussex.

The uniqueness of OHC&AT is that it is fully representative of all designations of special education needs and disabilities. Across the whole organisation there are a range of experts and practitioners who advocate for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities to ensure they receive the best possible opportunities to achieve their full potential.

A Timeline of OHC&AT’s development since 2013…

September 2013  Carew Academy joins OHCAT. Carew Academy is located in Sutton and is for pupils aged 7-19 with additional and complex learning needs

April 2015  Young People’s Academy joins OHCAT. Young People’s Academy is located in Hillingdon and is for pupils aged 11-16 with social, emotional and mental health needs

September 2015  The Skills Hub joins OHCAT. The Skills Hub is located in Hillingdon and is for pupils aged 11-16 who require an alternative provision.

September 2015  The Digital School, a student driven enterprise that develops innovative and engaging digital resources for students, staff and the wider community, is established.

September 2015  The Training School, which offers teacher training, CPD, research and development and careers advice and guidance, is established.

April 2016  St Philip’s School joins OHCAT. St Philip’s School is located in Chessington and is for pupils aged 11-19 with moderate learning needs.

April 2016  Bedelsford School joins OHCAT. Bedelsford School is located in Kingston and is for pupils aged 2-19 with profound and multiple learning needs.

April 2016  Dysart School joins OHCAT. Dysart is located in Surbiton and is for pupils aged 4-19 with a range of severe and complex learning needs.

September 2016  Nightingale Community Academy joins OHCAT. Nightingale is located in Wandsworth and is for boys aged 5-19 with social emotional and mental health needs.

July 2017  The Link Primary School joins OHCAT. The Link Primary is located in Sutton and is for pupils aged 4-11 whose primary needs is speech, language and communication.

July 2017  The Link Secondary School joins OHCAT. The Link Secondary is located in Sutton and is for pupils aged 11-19 whose primary need is speech, language and communication.

July 2017  Quadrant House College Centre opens in Sutton for pupils and students accessing the Digital School, work experience and Apprenticeship provision.

September 2017  Wyvern House College Centre opens in Hillingdon. Wyvern House accommodates 30 pupils aged 16+.

January 2018  St Dominic’s School joins OHCAT. St Dominic’s School is located in Surrey and is for pupils aged 7-19 with specific learning difficulties, speech, language and communication needs and ASD.

January 2018  Brantridge School joins OHCAT. Brantridge School is located in West Sussex and is for pupils aged 6-13 with social, emotional and mental health needs.

January 2018  Grafham Grange School joins OHCAT. Grafham Grange is located in Surrey and is for pupils aged 10-19 with social, emotional and mental health needs.

September 2018 Garrett House, which formerly accommodated The Link Primary reception aged children, is transformed into an independent living facility for the OHC&AT Sutton schools and College Centres to access.

November 2018 Arbour Vale School joins OHCAT. Arbour Vale School is located in Slough and is for pupils aged 2 to 19 with a range of edducational needs including severe learning difficulties with profound and multiple needs.

This is a very exciting and pivotal moment in the lives of St Dominic’s, Brantridge and Grafham Grange schools.  Academy conversion under the sponsorship of OHC&AT will help secure their futures and, no doubt, lead to better outcomes for pupils and students, families and carers, staff and all stakeholders.   We are looking forward to a bright future as part of the OHC&AT family.

Ken Cowdery, Chair of Governors

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