Adviser Network

At OHC&AT, we believe in working very closely with employers and other key community stakeholders, as well as our public sector partners and funders, in order to maximise the benefits which our pupils and students can offer to the workplace and community.

The purpose of the OHC&AT Adviser Network is to draw on the knowledge, influence and skills of respected and talented senior leaders in the private and charity sectors with a commitment to making a difference. The Network will steer the executive team, through the CEO and the Director of Corporate Development, to draw in corporate and philanthropic investment and expert support for the College and the Academies within OHC&AT, the Training School and the student-run Digital School.

Network activity may include:

To act as Ambassadors for enabling pupils and students with special needs to have better lives and give more to their workplace/community through the work of OHC&AT.

Provide expert advice and guidance either directly, or through their networks, to inform the Strategic Plan identified by OHC&AT Trustees and to strengthen OHC&AT’s business cases for development work, which sit under the Strategic Plan.

To support the CEO and Director of Corporate Development in regard to specific projects by establishing social investment opportunities, commercial partnerships, corporate and philanthropic sponsorship, to attract funds which are not available through government grants e.g. the growth of our Digital School, the growth of our Training School and capital projects for enterprise, growth or modernisation.

How it works:

The OHC&AT team provide an initial briefing and regular updates and use advisers as a sounding board; discussing projects and strategy; commenting on plans; creating introductions to other experts/funders. We meet advisers 1-1 at a time and place to suit them. In addition, advisers visit our schools and colleges from time to time and attend some events. It is a flexible arrangement

If you would like to get involved, please contact: Dr Caroline Allen OBE, CEO & Principal on 0345 402 0453 or


This is a very exciting and pivotal moment in the lives of St Dominic’s, Brantridge and Grafham Grange schools.  Academy conversion under the sponsorship of OHC&AT will help secure their futures and, no doubt, lead to better outcomes for pupils and students, families and carers, staff and all stakeholders.   We are looking forward to a bright future as part of the OHC&AT family.

Ken Cowdery, Chair of Governors

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